I am a small-time organic gardener on a two hectare farm and a part-time Primary School teacher. I am married and a father of six young children. I am a parishioner at St. Mary’s Pukekaraka, Otaki and an active participant with the dis-organiastion known as ‘The Catholic Worker’. In the past few years I have worked as a Senior Advisor with Child, Youth & Family in Wellington after my family and I spent three years in Asia, living in a slum helping with community development.
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Dominican Friar

I was born in Western Victoria in 1940 and ordained a Catholic priest in 1965. I have worked as pastor in parishes, in Monash and Auckland universities, in prisons and in the education of young Dominicans. I came to Auckland from Brisbane in 1991 and now work with a Dominican Preaching Team and in social justice issues with Pax Christi, Amnesty International, the Catholic Worker movement and Christians Against All Terrorism.

For three years (2004 -2007) Auckland Dominican Friars including myself gave accommodation to Ahmed Zaoui, the Algerian refugee and political prisoner whom the SIS had falsely accused of being a terrorist, but is now completely cleared of that charge.

In 2005 I made a 2700km Pilgrimage of Reconciliation by bicycle, from Parliament House Canberra to Uluru in central Australia to mark forty years as a priest and to look more deeply at the terrible injustices done since 1788 to Australia’s Original People, as they were displaced from their land.

Peter can be reached at: pmopnz[at]yahoo.com.au
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Kia ora. I am a farmer in the north of New Zealand, a place called Hokianga (The Returning), where my family has practiced a form of subsistence farming since 1978. I am a steady practicing Catholic and have been for all 24 years of my life. Daily life consists of gardening to provide food, working with the cows and horse, and other daily necessities. To get by financially I do self-employed manual labour – mostly building. On the spiritual side I am fed by my Christian faith and take my ideals from the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke & John – which (by taking them seriously) has led me to this.
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