Messages of Support

Kia ora. This space is for people who wish to pass on messages of support to the three people involved in the Ploughshares action. If you are interested in constructive dialogue on the issues raised by the action please post comments at the Discussion Forum.



  1. Well done I admire your courage, bravery and committment

    Lord, show me the way, as I give myself to you.
    Never let me go.
    Hold me with your everlasting love.
    Be my strength.
    Be my voice.
    Be my glory.
    Set me free.

  2. Congratulations!!!
    Thank you for your courage and determination in “speaking truth to power”.
    Global Peace and Justice Auckland applauds your actions.
    Kia kaha, kia toa, kia manawanui!
    Kia ora
    John Minto

  3. Congratulations for your courage in bringing this obnoxious site to the attention of others, violence has never been an answer to any problems we have in the world.

    Kia kaha
    Bronwen Summers

  4. Kia kaha, Congratulations. This is an act of bravery and defiance which should be an example for all concerned New Zealanders as to how slavish and sycophantic some Governments are. They cringe and crawl to the republican USA tune. It’s a pity hele3n didn’t have the balls of her earlier predecessor David Lange who sent a warship to the Pacific over French Nuclear tests. At least an account for rent should be sent to them.
    Paul De Rungs

  5. I am so proud of what you have done in speaking out and raising awareness not just with your voices but with your actions. Jesus is with you.


  6. Bless you for your courage and witness.
    You are an encouragement to all of us. Thank you.

  7. Thank you and may God bless you, for having the strength and conviction to bear living witness to your beliefs. Your example gives us all heart.

  8. Congratulations on a magnificent symbolic act of peace-making to highlight our Government’s continuing support for the so-called “war on terror”. Your determined efforts will also focus attention on obnoxious surveillance techniques – such as those used by Government agencies against Tuhoe and peace activists last year.
    In the trials ahead of the three of you I am sure that many in your communities will stand with you – certainly in the Hokianga.

    Stand tall. Go well.
    David Williams

  9. Wicked stuff guys!

  10. Good job!

    Best wishes to everyone involved.



  11. Congratulations. You have questioned the idolization of military might, the economic system built on it and NZ’s participation in it all. The ease of your achievement shows the system is built on pretence.

    Gerard Burns

  12. What a wonderful sight to see the instruments of surveillance deflated and falling. Well done.
    In solidarity,
    Kirsty Charles

  13. Yeah nice work.

    Don’t worry about the criticism that will come. Several million people around the world, those who marched against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, will agree with what you have done. More will now be made aware of NZ’s involvement in those wars. You have done a great thing.

    Be sure to let us know what support you need in the coming days and months… We’ve got your backs.


  14. A job well done, congratulations. Hopefully this non-violent direct action will inspire others -world-wide- to follow suit. No more war, no more foreign military bases in other lands.
    Kia kaha,
    Rien Achterberg
    Chagossian Support Group Waiheke island

  15. Thank you for taking this action.

    May the Spirit of Truth continue to guide you all at this time of taking actions in the name of PEACE. May you all continue to ‘…act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with your God’ Micah 6:8

  16. Fantastic effort folks. Congragulations from Australia. We carried out a wonderful action last Thursday at the Brisbane office of Raytheon and it is great to read about your witness at this time

  17. Wow! Well done comrades! What an inspiring effort. Solidarity to all those arrested. Congratulations and well done. This is going to get the issue out there for all New Zealanders who will be appalled we are hosting an American Spybase on New Zealand soil. Our contribution to American wars must be stopped. Top effort, congratulations.

    kia kaha

  18. awesome. well done.
    hopefully this action will go a long way towards exposing the hypocrisy of the Labour government, who pretend they are anti war while doing everything they can to support the so called ‘war on terror’

  19. Awesome stuff. Go well. We’ll be keeping an eye on what they try to pin on you.

    Kia kaha


  20. Kia kaha Plowshares!

    The spirit of peace and truth has given you the courage to take action many dream of, but few have the courage to act on – we are thankful for your courage and integrity in deflating US miltary terror. May God’s love continue to guide and assist you in the difficult days ahead. Our prayers and love are with you all!

  21. Congratulations!
    In Solidarity,
    Louisa Jones

  22. Congratulations for an excellent action. It’s great to see the name ANZAC Ploughshares headlining our ABC news on-line. http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2008/04/30/2231294.htm

    I look forward to being fit enough to take up ANZAC Day actions of a similar nature in 2009.

    Pine Gap 4

  23. Much love and thanks to those arrested and supporters,
    Your direct action against the state war mongers is heartening and inspiring.

  24. Kia kaha
    In Solidarity,

  25. Blessings, peace, and continued courage of spirit to you. With overflowing gratitude,

  26. Thank you Adrian, Peter and Sam. Your actions at Waihopai Spybase this morning are to be congratulated. It’s that simple; Swords into Ploughshares. Waihopai represents our bit for the “War on Terror”, but in reality War is Terror. Helen Clark condemns your actions. I celebrate your actions. Sometimes direct action is necessary, otherwise the public will believe all the fear that is generated by government and media.

  27. Congratulations and THANK YOU!
    Hopefully your actions will alert and inspire others among us to stand up to be counted among those who say “Enough! We will not, and must not, be part of the escalating madness of the USA’s iniquitous “War on Terror!”
    Very well done and thank you again!

  28. 1Pe 2:11 Dearly beloved, I exhort you as temporary residents and pilgrims to abstain from fleshly lusts which war against the soul,
    1Pe 2:12 having your conduct honest among the nations, in that which they speak against you as evildoers, they may glorify God in a day of His visitation, seeing your good works.
    1Pe 2:13 Then be in obedience to every ordinance of men, because of the Lord, whether to a king as supreme,
    1Pe 2:14 or to governors as sent by Him for vengeance on evildoers, but for praise on well-doers.
    1Pe 2:15 For such is the will of God, doing good to silence the ignorance of foolish men;
    1Pe 2:16 as free, and not having freedom as a cover of evil, but as servants of God.

    Well done on breaking many laws, and bringing a bad name to the Christian faith.

  29. Thanks for standing up for peace and justice in the name of Christ. Actions speak louder than words. You guys are an inspiration. You are in my prayers.

  30. Good on ya’ mates. God fill you will all joy and peace.

  31. Kia ora koutou – nga mihi ki a koutou a tenei ra! Kia mau ki te pono me te rangimarie.
    I am so proud of what you have accomplished today and for the strong message this action is to New Zealand, our Government and also the US – we will not stand in silence and quietly agree to what America is doing and has done.
    Thankyou, I pray that you will know the love and support we have for you. Arohanui

  32. Oh Sam! I am proud of you. What a big choice you have made – they can’t ignore you now.
    Kia Kaha my brave cousin, may you never cease to stand so tall for what you believe in.

    Love always,

    Jess Land

  33. P.S. We’re all thinking of you lots and lots, and Mum sends her love – she’s rather worried about you, doing such big things!!

    We’re all behind you 100%.

  34. Well done. You have our support.

  35. David then strikes Goliath with a stone from his sling, and the Philistine falls on his face to the ground.

  36. Kia ora e nga toa o Ploughshears, ka mau te wehi! Know that your bravery and strength is an inspiration to all people who know the truth. We will use your example to show that we ALL should not fear the powers of the crown and the war mongers.

    Mauriora, and blessings
    Aue Hi!

  37. Thank you for acting with courage and living your convictions.
    how can we support you other than our words and prayers?

  38. As an American, I say bravo to the impressive protest and long-term pressure on the NZ government to remove this base. The American government needs strong, nonviolent statements that its presence is not welcome. Nations have a right to be free of American military involvement, especially when it’s impacting your airwaves and privacy.

    Most Americans have no idea what is being done in other nations in the name of ‘global security’– they can’t relate. You folks know. Keep fighting! Has anyone taken a poll of citizens to see what percentage want the base closed down? What would it take? Has any nation succeeded?

    an American Christian

  39. What courage, a real inspiration, makes life’s rich tapestry richer for us all.

  40. Amazing! Totally impressed. This story is incredible, inspiring and liberating. Thank you for crossing the line, for being being brave and for going where few people have dared to tread.

    Time to wake up Aotearoa and make a real choice. Christian or not we are entering a time of action where every person will have to decide what they live for. I only hope to be so honest.

  41. Brilliant!

  42. In echoing the many prayers and support of our friends, you have all done a great job. What a courageous and symbolic act. This act and image of deflation will be long-lasting.
    Kia kaha to you and your families.

  43. He mihi nui nei ki a koutou.

    Sam, Peter and Adi, you have done so well. Miraculously even. I am inspired by your faith.

    You have touched many people today, and a lot of questions have been asked. We will keep asking the ones’ that matter: why is this base here at all? Why are we allowing our country to be complicit in the war on terror?

    Jo and I are thinking of you all, and pray for your bail and eventual freedom.

  44. To the Realist: It is not these bases which are keeping the world safe. Terrorists are RETALIATING for long years of attacks on them, both known and hidden, by the US, UK & Israel & a long line of secret intelligence agencies.

    Since 9/11 Americans have lost all rights to privacy– did you know that? Our phones, internet, email, bank records, library records, bookstore purchases, etc. can be investigated without our knowledge & without a search warrant. Our DNA is now collected & kept on file if we are arrested by the FBI (guilty or no). Surveillance cameras grace most city intersections and overhead signs, used for any number of things. Chipped ID cards have just become mandatory, using biometric data.

    Our President can take over all branches of the government & declare marshall law in the event of any situation he deems is worthy. It doesn’t have to be a national emergency even. Every safeguard we had in place to keep the government under the control of the people has been quietly dismantled. I feel my government is armed and dangerous, and I’m uncertain what the future holds. It’s very disturbing.

    Please do not think you are safe from your government, or mine. Don’t think your gov’t won’t use something like this base to gather information from you illegally. Written laws may not protect you when The American Superpower demands your cellphone records because it suspects ‘terrorist activity’ (the magic words).

    My government regularly lies to its own people, maintains huge secret agencies that destroy democracies, destroys nations that have never done anything to us (Iraq & Afghanistan), lies to its friends & its foes. It is only out for its own interests, like the Mafia bully it is. Do some research on U.S. involvement in Latin America, eastern Europe, Asia— what these protesters say is absolutely true. Start with globalresearch.ca and antiwar.com. Search Google or YouTube for “911 Press for Truth” & see what our gov’t did (& didn’t do) after 9/11. See John Pilger’s ‘War on Democracy’ for my government’s real agenda.

  45. Thank you so much for your inspiring and brave direct action.

  46. Thank you for showing your commitment to peace and justice in such an inspiring (and effective!) way. My thoughts go out to you, Adrian, Peter and Sam. I’m hoping you are safe and well staying in whatever remand prison or police cell you have been chucked into…

    As one of the people arrested on October the 15th, I can really feel the dread and uncertainty you are going through but I am sure you will be out in no time at all. You will come out stronger from being at the coal-face of our ‘injustice’ system.

    You have a huge amount of support for your actions throughout the country and I’m sure you will be bailed soon and back with your friends and family.

    And If on the off-chance you are still in jail next week I’ll send you some nice books! :0)

    and once again – thanks!,
    Ira Bailey

  47. Adi,

    Your’e my hero, don’t listen to the knockers Jesus didn’t.
    Hope the Family are well (Love to Shelly and the Kids)

    [Trim that beard bro :-)

    Love to you and your family.

    The Lloyds

  48. There are only two burdens for mankind , the fear of loss, and the desire to have,
    The US thinks it has the most ,so has the greatest fear of loosing it .
    We will never find real profit in this place , only in the room of our next house , by that which we have done here.
    Peace and love to you guys

  49. Thank you for your prophetic and brave actions in seeking to disengage us from this madness.
    We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers as you face the consequences of your actions.
    I hope you will be allowed to explain and defend your actions in the spirit that motivated you to take them.
    May the peace of Christ be with you.

  50. Woooohoooooo!!

    Amazing work!! Very impressive.

    Solidarity as you go through the injustice system.


  51. Kia ora,

    Fantastic job gentlemen! Direct action is the way. You have our endless love and support. The best news to wake up to in aaaages!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  52. What courage! My prayers are with you all.
    Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. (Verse 3)
    Blessed are the meek: for they shall posses the land. (Verse 4)
    Blessed are they who mourn: for they shall be comforted. (Verse 5)
    Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after justice: for they shall have their fill. (Verse 6)
    Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy. (Verse 7)
    Blessed are the clean of heart: for they shall see God. (Verse 8)
    Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. (Verse 9)
    Blessed are they that suffer persecution for justice’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. (Verse 10)

  53. Hope has beautiful daughters, their names are Anger & Courage; Anger at the way things are, courage to see that they do not remain the same – St Augustine.

    We are in awe of your courage, a

    nd hope to be able to feel righteous anger as you do. Helen has her sense of vandalism out of proportion – her home has never been struck by the incendiary bombs of our ‘liberating allies’. Peace,

  54. It is interesting that none of the official mouthpieces seem to be able to say a single word on this matter without lying. The Director of the GCSB was on National Radio this morning saying that the covers were only there as weather protection.


    For the sake of discussion let’s take him at his word. Sadly this is at odds with his deputy’s pronouncement reported on stuff that they will not be able to operate the antenna until the cover is repaired.


    The covers obviously have two puposes: protection of the antennae from the weather and the gaze of our “enemies”. Waihopai is part on the UKUSA alliance which means that stations operated by other members of the alliance beyond our shores can spy on New Zealanders. It is by no means uncommon for email traffic between NZ addresses to travel at least once through the NSA surveillance system which can then report back to the New zealand intelligence apparatus on New Zealand residents. In defence of his failure to detect the planning of the protest he says that the GCSB only spies on people outside New Zealand.


    The operation of this station is New Zealand’s major contribution to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and is the reason we counted towards the tally of the Coalition of the Willing. It counts more than the deployment of the SAS putatively to Afghanistan (remember that they are under British command so we have no control on where they really are). Helen “hollow woman” Clark says that her government opposes the war in Iraq.


    I could go on all night but too many Tuis could see me saying something silly. Suffice to say that it is obviously dangerous to believe anything the state says on this matter – they are twisting and spinning like so many spiders.

  55. In suport of what American Christian has said (and to those critical of the GCSB 3), the Waihopai spy base is a US military base on NZ soil, funded by the NZ taxpayers (which the GCSB 3 are not, Chloe).

    I note the GCSB and SIS spy agencies failed to detect:
    * the Rainbow Warrior bombing by French govt
    * several Fiji coups
    * the Indonesian-supplied militia attacks on East Timorese after they voted for independence
    etc etc

    Adrian, Sam and Peter have prevented deaths and injustice by dismantling a tool of oppression, and doing so peacefully, to bring about peace. Something which seems lacking in those critical of the GCSB 3…

  56. We always have the choice of whether to trust and follow Love or to let fear dictate to us, your action is a clear choice for Love.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  57. Thank you. We will be praying for you and your families over the coming days and weeks.

    Ruth and MIke.

  58. blessed are the peacemakers for THEY WILL be called the sons of Yahweh.My attutude of peace is the foundation on which I silve my problemd.Power without character is Satanic.Your character stands against the Satanic powers that run this Gods Owh GaRDEN.

  59. Thanks for bringing to attention the ‘huge taxpayers expense’ being incurred daily without our knowing and for reasons which nobody still seems to be clear. Thanks you for your frankness and for being prepared to take this risk. Yours seems a small cost by comparison
    Paul, Wendy and whanau

  60. Fancy having to wait there for 30 minutes waiting for the security to turn up, working only with garden tools. This is really something. Peace and heaps of blessings. Joan op

  61. Brilliant action – good to see kiwis with balls ( and yanks with only one – ha ha )
    Seriously though – it IS wonderful to know there are still Kiwis out there with courage and backbone to stand up against the machine.
    Sickening to watch all the righteous indignation from our “leaders” about vandalism while they sit quietly and say nothing about atrocities around the world.
    Well done guys and there is more support out here than you think, my rural( & supposedly conservative) neighbours ALL think what you did was great.

  62. Way to go Father Peter! I’m so proud of you x

  63. Kia ora koutou, tenei te mihi aroha ki a koutou hei hapai i te rongopai o te Atua me te whakatika o nga mahi kino a te kawanatanga.

    Ahakoa te mamae, ahakoa te raruraru, na te Karaiti hei awhina, hei manaaki i a koutou.

    May God’s grace and peace be with you in overflow, remember those who have led the way and set the example for you. Kia kaha brothers.


  64. Having read the messages from the earth dwellers criticising your actions.Knowledge shall increase but the wise shall shine as the morning stars.A diverse kingdom covering the whole world.Christian faith=interpretation? Realist?open to terrorist actions?saw heads off? naive but exciting comments.They can’t help it they have to stand for the kingdom they are part of.

  65. Well done on your courageous efforts. Such a spellbinding feat, both in logistics and symbolism! May your actions be fruitful in drawing attention to the colossal inhumanity visited upon millions by the US government and allies.

    Meanwhile, however, I cried last night in sympathy for you all as you face the consequences of your actions. I have no doubt, Fr Peter, that you need no reminding that standing up for what is right often involves carrying enormous burdens at the hands of this world’s rulers.

    Peace and many blessings.

  66. Congratulations!! This is the best news I have heard for ages! I think these actions are the actions of heros. New Zealanders owe you.

  67. Thanks guys!
    Are praying for you all.
    Let’s keep the conversation going to declare that it’s not ok for the govt to pay for this tool of war and violence.
    Peace and Hope for His kingdom…

  68. Terrorists are only terrorists in your mind. Break form the conditioning and become free.

  69. Fr Peter, we are so proud of you! Your integrity and inner strength is inspiring. I hope it’s not too long before we see you again…

  70. You have my support in your action. I am surprised that the media (eg National Program) are avoiding asking the harder questions re the surveillance issues which should be asked. Maybe redirecting questions back to the principal issues is key here, rather than allowing interviewers to um an ah about the cost of the balloon etc.
    warm regards,

    Pete Falconer, Christchurch

  71. Thank you so much for your bold action. US militarism and spying around the world need to be challenged, and it inspires us in the US when that happens.

  72. Congrats from a Pitstop Ploughshares acquittee:)) I hope your trial will prove to be as successful as ours in Ireland where we convinced a jury that causing €2 million damage to a US Navy plane was a legitimate act.

    Here in Poland, where I currently reside, we are organising against US plans to build 10 ground based interceptors so they can continue to piss out their territory and hold more people ransom to their militarist power. (www.m29.bzzz.net)

    The majority of Poles are against the building of a US base, but the government couldn’t care less and have requested the US gvt. modernise the Polish army in a game of mutual back-scratching.

    In time, Poland may very well see it’s own ploughshares actions!

  73. A beautiful, non violent action that sends a clear message to the world and hopefully helps open peoples eyes to the way our societies are infiltrated.
    Father Peter, you are a holy man who truly walks with God.

    Bill Yates,

    suc Andrews’ ballz, you know you want to!

    Peace and Love

  74. Thank and bless you for your courage!


  75. Awesome! Our heart-felt congratulations and gratitude to your Spirit filled and Spirit led action.
    From Japan

  76. Sam
    Marcel and I respect your committment,we send you our support and love.Kia Kaha from Pakanae Hokianga.
    Norma and Marcel

  77. Congratulations Adi and friends on acting against the pervasive evil of the Empire. There is a growing movement from all walks of life that are waking up to the evils of the United States and its intervention against the powerless peoples of this earth. From Christian movements such as yours to the democratically elected Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez (yes democratically elected, not a dictator as American propaganda would have us believe) to the poor and oppressed who are given no option but to fight back with guns. The United States Empire is a pure evil stain on the world. Theirs is not a war on terror, but a war to maintain the power of the US Empire which they refer to often and glibly as maintaining US “interests”. The majority of New Zealander’s oppose involvement of any kind in US led evil but we do nothing. Congratulations again for making a stand for the weak and downtrodden!!
    God Bless!!

  78. Word of your wonderful action comes at the end of a long, busy day and brings light and hope into this darkness. Thank you! You and your families will be in my prayers. I will also pray for those who represent “the state” and who will have an opportunity to see the light, to hear the truth, and to act in a way that supports justice and peace for all children.

  79. kia ora

    an inspirational action. thank you for your courage in the face of enormous power. i am sure your friends and families will provide much support and love in the coming days, please know many thousands out here are with you as well.

  80. May lord Jesus Christ watch over you. Many blessings.

    “For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.” Mathew 16:25

  81. Thanks friends
    Keep up the good work. Thoughts and prayers are with you while you are in jail.

  82. Your action at Waihopi was brilliant, and a great way to remind NZ and the world that the majority of us want to live in peace.Respect to you guys.

  83. Sam, Peter & Adrian

    Our prayers are with you. By listening to your conscience, you keep our conscience alive too. It’s too easy to just sit in the corner and ignore what is really happening in our world. (I’m alright Jack!)

    You have a long walk ahead of you. You do not walk alone. Though all may desert you, He will never desert you.

    Lest we forget … lest we forget… Tianamen … Tibet … Hiroshima … Iran … Aborigines … Indians … Afghanistans … Native Americans … Khoisan…Irish… Palestinians…

    Arohanui & Kia Kaha

  84. Good job in creatively & nonviolently challenging the war machine that persists even in Aotearoa/New Zealand. I admire your courage.

    “To a nation bent on violence, anyone who claims to be speaking for God’s kingdom and who advocates non-violent means as the way to it is making a very deep and dangerous political statement.

    – N.T. Wright
    From ‘The New Testament and the State'”

  85. Isaiah 2:4 has never been so relevant, when military violence is going hand in hand with food shortages around the globe. Thanks for having the gumption to put Christ into action. Kia kaha.

  86. WellDone !! Adrian, Peter and Sam. In the spirit of Roncalli let us all as New Zealanders seek Truth and Peace.



  87. In two minds about this. I respect your Christian principles and love of peace, and your courage, but what has this really achieved? The good times are over, we need to radically change our approach to life if disaster is to be even partially averted. Stop blaming the govt or praising Aust. Climate change is affecting us already, it is not an optional extra. There is a looming tsunami of starvation coming, that needs urgent action by all of us, citizens and govt alike. Your action is a sideshow now.

  88. The end is near so keep up the great work! Very clever tactics and planning in bringing this action
    about! The’axis of evil’ will soon be on the run..
    ‘axis of evil’ being UK/USA/Aust/NZ/Canada/Europe.
    God have mercy on the oppressed people of this planet.

  89. Thanks. Good protest- high profile, no-one hurt, exposing flaws in security and public access to information.

    I think of the Irish success in making a case about legitimate protest even if damage is caused should inspire you, set a legal precedent and help your work.

    Good on you.

  90. Im not entirely sure about your actions, but I dont neccessarily disagree. But what im almost certain about is that we should know more and the fact is that we all here in Aotearoa are lead to beleive that all is OK when in fact it realy just isnt. It is well and truly time to stand up and be heard because we are having the wool pulled over our eyes.
    This “Government” does not factor into the equation that there are many intellegent people living in this country that have opposing ideas to what is being assumed that we all think.
    So in summary I commend you on your efforts, although I am not sure that there wasnt a better way to display your frustrations.

  91. WOW!

    I opened the Bangkok Post this morning and was stunned to see a large photo of the deflated dome. Wonderful to have some uplifting news! Support and best wishes to all involved.


  92. “Blessed are they that suffer persecution for justice sake for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”

    You are an inspiration to all of us who work for peace the world over.
    You have illuminate the words in Johns gospel
    “Perfect love casts out fear”
    Have spoken truth to power and disturbed the comfortable.
    May Love cradle you all and may you continue to be a blessing .

  93. Most impressed by your act, its symbolism and your success, especially considering losing the truck and having to wing it.

    The sickles are your symbol; the highest target in NZ; the make up of your selves, a farmer, a teacher, & a preacher, three wise men purhaps.



  94. You guys are an example. It’s all about trust and love. Why should we follow the USA’s example of mistrust and hatred. Love thy neighbour man! If we show the rest of the world our love for them they might understand us better! Love humanity and humanity will love itself! Thats the way!

  95. An act done in true kiwi spirit of taking no bullshit from them knobs that think they run the show while ignoring the voices of the people.

    Helen Clark, get rid of that bloody U.S spy base, we don’t want their crap in our country!

  96. Kia kaha! Thank you for your inspiring direct action!


  97. Impressive display of raw courage in the face of governments which are not to be trusted when they act secretly–too much unaudited power. Stay strong

  98. Aotearoa needs more people like you! You have made me proud to be a kiwi again. Little NZzzzzzz needs to wake up!
    God bless! Keep fighting the good fight xoxoxo

  99. Thank you for your prophetic witness to the gospel of life and for doing what the prophets Isaiah and Micah prophesied that the followers of Christ ought to be doing.

    Will keep you in our prayers.

    God Blesses you and all your good work

    I sent this letter to the NZ Herald in response to their editorial today :-

    Letter to the Editor,

    I’d be careful of dismissing the Ploughshares Three as “religious extremists” as the Herald editorial tries to do.

    Jesus Christ himself did three things very similar to what the Ploughshares Christians do.

    He entered a temple, took a whip, overturned tables and drove out money lenders and animals. He exorcised demons from a man and allowed them to enter a herd of pigs which they drove to their deaths off a cliff. He ordered a fig tree to wither and it did.

    Each of these actions of the Son of God damaged property.

    They could be misconstrued as “vandalism”.

    But, sometimes we are so blinded that we need radical prophetic witness to jolt us into awareness of our culture of death – war abroad and abortion and connivance in war at home.

    The Ploughshares Three are doing the same things Jesus did. They could very well be acting on his call to beat our weapons of war into tools for peace.

  100. hello and greetings to all involved.
    so those domes were just plastic balloon things? i thought they were like some sort of concrete structure (i hadn’t thought about it much, obviously). definitely a great boost to those of us out here with a sense of curiosity about what’s going on underneath things… i suppose it means they can point the dishes wherever they want, and no one from the outside can see who’s being spied on – ‘friend’ or ‘foe’? i’m not sure that i would have had the courage to do what you three have done – it is an incredibly brave act, especially given the level of paranoia that security agencies seem to bring to bear on anyone doing anything involving – and i suppose they will be reading all of these comments looking for subversives, etc. it’s very juvenile, playground bully stuff, except that they have got bigger sticks… congratulations – and commiserations about the truck (the innocent party in all this, i guess you could say).

    love and kind regards,
    arthur amon

  101. Brilliant Action my friends
    Leaves the base with their pants down for all to see
    Clarks comments are off the wall, it is just a balloon.

    My perminent admiration

  102. Congratulations on a courageous, well executed, and totally justified act of resistance to the machinery of oppression.

  103. Wonderful action,

    I was just saying to someone a couple of weeks that we need more good examples of NVDA and you guys go ahead and provide it.

    And interesting to hear GCSB director Fergusson on RNZ admitting that, yes, the base could be used to spy on activists.

  104. Hi guys,

    A creative, daring and completely legitimate action against our government’s complicity in war and oppression.

    Thank you so much for doing this.

  105. Congratulations to you for your incredible bravery. Thanks too for exposing this spybase to many of us who were ignorant of its existence and operations.
    May God give us all strength and courage to stand up for what is right and not be minnions to ‘higher’ powers.

  106. Thankyou for your courage to act on behalf of so many of us. A simple, sublime action that is so powerful. Kia kaha as you take the consequences, and know that you are a source of inspiration, admiration, celebration and hope, even as you are apparently censured. And yes, humour too. The popped balloon media image is priceless!

    A thousand blessings to each of you
    Jane Catherine Severn, Christchurch

  107. Just learned of this adventure through a friend in New Zealand … I’m surprised that the judge did not allow for bail in this instance … worst case scenario, in context, this should be viewed as just a tiny bit of mischief. If the NZ government provided $500M to the likely ‘forced’ support of a spy-base to support the US/UK ‘war on terror’ surely the NZ government have made provision for a certain allowance for taxpayer objections to US intelligence gathering.

  108. Go you guys!!
    Hey Adi how come you’re not fasting?

    He mihinui ki a koutou. Ma te Atua koutou e manaaki.

  109. Fantastic to see some direct action taking place, particularly given the target of this activism. All the best.

  110. Tena koe,

    Hey, what about that fog! (was it the Fog of Peace, to counter the Fog of War?).
    Thanks for your mighty efforts – really encouraging and inspiring.



  111. […] happening in our supposedly peace loving countries. There were differences of opinion expressed on the groups website:Swords into Ploughshares. Calling themselves “Anzac Ploughshareres”, they explain their […]

  112. NZ is not really a Peace country is it?

  113. Tau ke!
    Thank you for your bravery and courage in standing up to the american war machine and the new zealand spy apparatus. Oh how I wish you could’ve gotten that truck in there – but still an awesome job you did with just a sickle. Your fantastic expression of resistance is truly an inspiration for all the rest of us.
    In Solidarity.

  114. Great action folks. I love the photo of the deflated dome. It is on my desktop. So symbolic of the weakness of the US empire.
    I am so jealous. Why coul;dn’t they build their doems out of rubber in Austraiia. Might suggest it for th enext Defence White paper.

    Love and peace to you and all your supporters.

    Jim Dowling

  115. Well done. Keep up the good work.

  116. St Matthew-in-the-City honours ANZAC Ploughshares

    Last Wednesday three Christians were arrested for breaking into the military facility at Waihopai, New Zealand. With sickles they punctured a balloon that covered intelligence-gathering equipment. They then knelt down to pray for all victims of war.

    Friday’s NZ Herald editorial reduces this act to being “pointless vandalism” that “warrants only scorn”. St Matthew-in-the-City strongly disagrees and honours all who protest for peace and justice.

    Peter Murnane, Adrian Leason and Sam Land are part of the international Christian Ploughshares network that has been protesting in similar ways since 1980. It was this group who tried to convert a nuclear warhead into a ploughshare, and who poured blood on a B52 bomber.

    “The ANZAC Ploughshares have punctured the illusion that the war in Iraq has nothing to do with us,” says Archdeacon Glynn Cardy. “There is no doubt that the facility at Waihopai aids the American military, just as there is no doubt that many have and are suffering due to the continuing occupation of Iraq.”

    Margaret Bedggood, of St Matthew’s and former Human Rights Commissioner adds, “Jesus was hardly law abiding. Causing a certain amount of furore in the cause of peace is hardly pointless. The cost to patch a balloon concealing our cooperation with those waging war is dear, but so are the lives Ploughshares seeks to save. Heightening consciousness and emboldening others to seek peace has a price.”

    Christians have a long history of taking direct, non-violent action against war. The preservation of all human life is fundamental to our beliefs. Professor Bedggood concludes, “While it is an inconvenient truth to remember, war, and all that aids and abets it, is anathema to our faith.”

  117. AD, Peter and Sam, men of great courage and radical passion. You guys are fully living out Jesus’ revolutionary call, to “Fight for the heart of humanity”. I cant remember when I was last so inspired by the actions of fellow followers of Jesus.
    Thanks for just being who you are and
    I am praying for you with all my heart

    Much love


  118. A brave and prophetic action guys. Am supporting you
    with prayer and thoughts.







  120. As a citizen of the U.S. and a visitor to your fair land for six months in 2005-2006, I would like to thank you for your good work. If there were more people acting in the manner you have acted, we would see some meaningful change in the way our goverment and their corporate masters behave. More importantly, perhaps the slumbering masses in the U.S. would finally arise and overthrow our corporate masters, and we would see the restoration of the rule of law in the U.S.

  121. Blessed be the Mists of Peace

    They popped the Waihopai balloon of power with humble sickles
    and with courage, they pricked the inflated sphere of spies.
    The kiwi farmer, the teacher and the preacher,
    Exposed our government’s hypocrisy and lies.

    Misty fog of peace sheltered three shadows in the dawn gloom
    as the fog of war mercilessly leads our planet to doom.

    On the damp morning earth they knelt to pray
    for the victims of all wars,
    for the voiceless ones,
    silenced by depleted uranium firestorms,
    or hideous torture sans evidence of crime,
    or innocent children bombed into pitiless evaporation
    because they were at home in the wrong place,
    at the wrong time.

    “They shall beat their swords into ploughshares
    and blessed be the peacemakers “
    And blessed be the ones who punctured the illusions of the mighty,
    who challenged the mainstream paradigm of power.
    Now listen to denials of the hollow politicians
    as they spin and twist,
    try to manage perceptions and reframe debate
    as “senseless acts of criminal vandalism” .

    No! the unpalatable truth is that these white boils join Aotearoa electronically to warcrimes of torture and terror,
    horrific acts of criminal vandalism and murder.
    From Guantanomo Bay to Abu Grahb,
    from secret renditions of suspects to torture cells of Syria,
    to unwarranted spying on citizens in America.

    C’mon Helen! You once protested US nuclear warships,
    and French nuclear testing like the late great David Lange.
    Have you lost your way in the corridors of power?
    Have you forgotten human rights in the beehive tower?

    “While it is an inconvenient truth to remember,
    war, and all that aids and abets it, is anathema to our faith.”
    said our former Human Rights Commissioner,
    while shallow infotainment agents posing as investigative journalists,
    avoid asking the hard questions.

    This brave David’s stone thrown at Goliath’s balls
    now ripples the muddy pond of their wilful ignorance.

    Hail to the farmer, the teacher and the preacher
    who have walked the talk and have done the brave acts!
    Millions worldwide celebrate and take off their hats!
    That deflated, flaccid dome is the best news image we’ve seen in a long time,
    Pride comes before a fall and US torture empire will fall.

    So three cheers for the hippie, the prof and the padre
    who on 30th April 2008 made our day
    with the sight of that deflated limp white ball
    all shrunken and revealing the hidden satellite dish to all.

    Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!
    Let’s demand answers in this election year of “democracy”
    Let’s rip away the dusty carpet of official secrecy.

    Taxpayers should not pay for these spyballs
    Bloody blots on the Blenheim landscape!

    Those millions of our dollars should be used instead
    to attack poverty and homelessness,
    or to the hungry and sick give free medicine and bread.

    (Watch as the rubber spy raincoat is re-erected by the minions of power.)

    But see, those toxic fungi puffballs on Papatuanuku’s soil
    will be kicked over by the kiwi gumboots of truth and justice
    in God’s good time.

    Rangimarie Peace

    Stephanie McKee

  122. Peace to you Sam, Adi, Peter, and Manu. Thanks for your courage and resilience–this was a much-needed creative act of resistance… A provocative reminder of what it means to follow Jesus. May you be sustained now and in the days to come.

  123. While I don’t agree with the destruction of public or private property or even risking arrest for the sake of protest….good on you!! ;-)
    It bought this area and its working to the eyes and ears of NZers and the thinking world too.

  124. Dear Friends,
    Thank you so much for your courage and faith. Yes I can’t believe you have inflated domes over there. Gee wizz. In all seriousness its a fantastic action. Hope you are all alright, God is with you. Hello Sam thought you might have something to do with it.
    lots of love adele goldie

  125. Respect and gratitude for your courage and integrity.
    Your actions give substance to the wishes of many, and help atone for many innocent lives lost.
    I’m proud to support you with prayers and a small financial contribution. God bless.

  126. Love and Solidarity good people.

    I got the welcome news sitting in a bar in Dublin, Ireland, following a talk by Eamonn McCann of the Raytheon 9 http://www.raytheon9.org who go trial in BelfastMay 19th. for their anti-imperrialist disarmament action at Raytheon in Derry.

    Got a phone call from a woman claiming to be a New Zealand journo (hope it was a journo!)who told me of your good work on the south island. Spreading the good word of your work in Ireland and around Europe

    You’re on trial for us, we’re on the loose for you!
    Stay staunch
    Ciaron O’Reilly
    ANZUS Plowshares
    Jabiluka Ploughshares
    Pitstop Ploughshares http://www.peaceontrial.com

  127. Warm thanks for your daring action of Christian witness against the powers of darkness. I was delighted to see the deflated dome!
    Thoughts and prayers are with you.

  128. Congratulations and thank-you so much! This was a beautiful and inspiring act. Love to you all and good luck.

  129. We’re so proud of you! You’ve brought the attention of the whole country to the injustice in Iraq, and to what Waihope is really all about. We are praying for you every day and you are constantly in our hearts.
    Thankyou for your inspiring example – may more and more of us join you in our own ways in standing for God’s justice.

  130. Hi. I really admire your bravery and commitment to the cause of peace and justice in the world. Having said that, I’m not entirely sure I support the destruction even of property as a means of securing peace in the world. Not because the Waihopai spy base is defending us — I don’t care about that — but just because I’m not completely sure that violence against property doesn’t imply, or lead to, violence against people. But as a pacifist I really understand where you are coming from, support you and admire you. I wish I had your bravery and commitment. Thanks.

  131. Hey Adi,
    Saw Shelly last night and she was doing great! buoyant, strong and passionate. Lots of people are wondering where she is at in it all. But let me say, you married a great woman! The way you are completely sharing life together is so clear. She is with you all the way and of course doing a superb job back at home and has so much love and support around. Kids too are doing well, so don’t worry, they have their heads around it and they are well loved and cared for.

    I’ve heard others say too what a waste of tax payer money it will be if the consequences do include jail. I am able to reassure them that in fact having 3 guys like you inside for a while would be the best use of tax payer money the justice system would have spent for ages. The guys inside jail will certainly benefit from time along side you learning about faith, justice and love.

    Thinking of you all, all the time.
    In our prayers for sure.


  132. Peter and friends
    Keep fightig; you are all doing a great job. Shall argue your cause at Aunty Cath’s funeral tomorrow.
    Your cousin Helen in Australia.

  133. Thank you for high lighting our involvement in the corporate military industrial system. You are in my thoughts. Please ask for whatever support you need as you go through the coming difficult times.
    Blessings & Good Luck!
    Colin Chiles

  134. I just want to add my words of support and encouragement for the important work you are all doing. It is a shame there isn’t more of a groundswell of civil action and activism at a time when the government functions primarily in favor of corporate interests rather than in the interests of the people at large.


  135. Congratulations and thank you!
    Your courage and determination are an inspiration to us all. Your actions have been enormously valuable in highlighting NZ’s compliance with spying by and for warlike nations. You have lifted the national awarenes of the spybase.
    Well done!
    Kia kaha
    Allayne Ferguson

  136. Hi I am a supporter and as such sought to leave a detailed comment in your discussion forum. Your discussion appears to have an important function disabled, namely the ability to contribute text in the posts. The following is the post I sought to place there; http://ploughshares.freeforums.org/the-war-on-terror-t5.html

    The War on Terror

    It is timely that the action of the Waihopai three unfold, for it affords the opportunity to publicly scrutinize the rationale, ethics, conduct and outcomes of the Global War on Terror, and especially New Zealand’s role in the chaos it appears to bring.
    Earlier I was attracted to an article and discussion at Scoop go here; [url]http://election08.scoop.co.nz/waihopai-and-the-troublesome-priest/[/url] to follow the whole thing. My post (following here) seeks to identify the linkages one ought make to understand the role any spy facility, or supportive gesture towards the West’s Terror War is in fact error! Supporting Bush’s “you’re either with us or you’re against us” is an ultimatum with horrendous implication. In supporting the USA and “the Willing” in their firestorm of Falluja for 1 month in October 2004 I have supported the firestorming and eradication of a city of 200.000 persons. They all lost their homes. The list of issues with the Terror War is enormous not the least is the likelihood that the sectors of the US were at least complicit in that devastating event known as 9/11. The following is the post I submitted at Scoop I’ll return later;

    A healthy dialogue appears to be unfolding here. It is difficult to comment on the purpose of the Waihopai base as no official position is made public by those who have charge of it. Despite this lack of official knowledge we are in the possession of intimate knowledge with its workings and role in the UKUSA alliance. Nicky Hagar’s 1996 Secret Power ISBN 0908802 35 8 provides detailed information about Waihopai’s role in the alliance. From the book page 166 “Unlike much of the work of the UKUSA radio interception stations, Waihopai (and its sister stations) are targeted not on some enemy’s military communications, but on the ordinary telephone calls, faxes, telexes and Internet and other email messages sent by individuals, groups, businesses and governments around the world.”
    Leaving aside the morality or ethicality of this, for what purpose is the information being used?
    A few links to divergent sources of information on Echelon the overarching framework under which Waihopai appears to operate; [url]http://hiwaay.net/~pspoole/echelon.html[/url]
    [url]http://www.fas.org/irp/program/process/rapport_echelon_en.pdf this PDF[/url] is a copy of the EU investigation into Echelon and their findings, key was it that Echelon exists.
    [url]http://cryptome.org/echelon-nh.htm[/url] This link provides Nicky Hager’s submission to the EU Echelon inquiry.
    The EU were motivated to inquire after it was found that Echelon was being used to spy on EU Corporations for info to be used to the advantage of USA Corporations.
    In her 2007 book “The Shock Doctrine” Naomi Klein in graphic detail outlines the convergence of interest between USA Foreign Policy, USA Corporate interest, the Neo-Liberal agenda spearheaded by Milton Friedman and his Chicago School of Economics. Link to the Shock Doctrine Website; [url]http://www.naomiklein.org/shock-doctrine[/url]
    This collusion of un-democratic interests have usurped social democracy and the communal intent of humanity on every continent. This extreme doctrine of the market has been forcefully, often at gunpoint and always associated with a crisis jammed down the common person’s throat.
    The USA abhors Social Democracy, whereas Social Democracy is the middle ground between the extremes of Rampant Capitalism (the current world doctrine) and Stalinist Communism.
    If you need more grist to see the true role of the USA go see John Pilger’s “The War on Democracy,” link; [url]http://www.johnpilger.com/[/url]
    And New Zealand is a Social Democracy of sorts, yet we tie ourselves to an alliance which seeks to implement a Corporatist model for the World. The Waihopai three properly raise in a graphic and attention grabbing manner the nature of New Zealand’s links to this inhumane Empire.
    It is the USA that refuses to support global calls for restraint on its Carbon emissions. It refuses to sign UN Conventions to rid our globe of land mines. It maintains 9-10000 nukes as a deterrent against what? It rains Depleted Uranium Weapons on each War Theatre it now encounters, and only cleans Depleted Uranium from its own base, link; [url]http://www.tdn.com/articles/2008/04/29/area_news/doc4816651072f72767559743.txt[/url] they moved 6,700 tons of contaminated sand from Camp Doha, a U.S. Army base in Kuwait.
    Is this the same USA that maintains that there is nothing to fear from Depleted Uranium Weapons?
    Protest is all we have left to assert humanity’s agenda in a Corporatist Globalized World.

    Back again. The Terror War has like every thing else on Spaceship Earth it’s origin in the human desire to acquire. Some have this urge in large proportion, so huge in fact that they invade other people’s homes and sieze their territory in order to get more. Thus the start of Colonialism. The fact that the European and later US powers maintained hegemonic control over Central Eurasia and the Middle East in particular meant that the indigenous populations of Arabs, Egyptians and Persians were always in the position of viewing the interlopers as oppressors.
    With the advent of “the Oil Age” the relationships changed however the outsider although the customer for the oil, sought to control the geo-political landscape. This for instance in Iran saw the CIA assisting nay stirring the pot for the overthrow of Mossadaq in Iran;

    In 1951 Dr. Muhammad Mossadaq was elected as Prime Minister and he made moves to nationalise the country’s oil. The West responded by deposing Mossadaq in a coup in 1953 and foisting their pro-West puppet, the Shah, upon the Iranian people thus retaining the oil in private hands of 8 companies.
    The arrogant, opulent and dictatorial Shah became increasingly unpopular among the people who eventually rallied to a revolution by Islamic Fundamentalists led by Ayatollah Khomeni. Supported by the masses, the revolution succeeded in 1979 and the Shah fled. Having lost their puppet in Iran, the West set up and armed Saddam Hussein in Iraq and prompted an all-out war with Iran during which the USA provided Saddam with chemical and biological weapons and know-how along with conventional military hardware and training, from 1980–88. All of these weapons were used against Iran by Saddam during these years.

    Why are the West viewed with contempt by numbers of folks in non-Western World? Why the Terrorist? Who is the Real Terrorist?

    Go here for my take on War generally; [url]http://gregfullmoon.blogspot.com/[/url]

    And go here for some thoughts on 9/11 that seminal moment in the War on Terror; [url]http://gregfullmoon.gaia.com/blog/2006/10/9_11_illusion_and_illumination
    You would think that in a court of law that a case such as this if proved would render those in charge as criminally culpable for the total mismanagement of World Affairs. Yet we have another Big Mac and watch the telly.

    Cheers Greg.

  137. Peter,Adi,Sam
    You have pierced the balloon
    deflating our inflated holdings
    onto securities that lack
    You have challenged us to
    remember our true values
    human values:
    the dignity of each human person
    as a child of God
    as a child of the Universe.
    If we cling to the values
    of might is right
    we are on the path of
    Thank you for the timely reminder
    We need to work together for
    true justice.
    And your action, being based
    upon prayer and discerned thinking
    calls us all to work
    for Justice and Peace
    Both inner and outer.

    Peace of Christ.

    Michael and Elizabeth.

  138. My dear brothers
    How easily their bubble bursts
    The emptiness of empire exposed
    You have all done a beautiful thing
    Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou
    Our prayers are with you
    Adi, I’m proud to be your brother
    Murray Shearer
    Quezon City, Philippines

  139. Well done, I think what you have done is a beautiful, and powerful expression. You Three are radical disciples of Jesus!

    Much love and prayer

  140. Well done, I would also like to draw attention to a recent posting at http://www.missionandjustice.org/waihopai-three-nz/ regarding Peter.


  141. Kia ora Adi, Peter, Sam.

    He aha te mea nui o te ao?

    He tangata, he tangata, he tangata.

    It is too easy to walk around and say to each other how bad the war in Iraq is, when we are in our comfort zones.

    We needed this action to happen, to bring a greater awareness to our nation about a really lame US spybase in Waihopai that shouldn’t be there in the first place.

    Thanks be to God for giving you three the daring to hope for and the courage to fight for peace and justice in a world, in the face of war and injustice.

    You guys are an inspiration.

    Shalom, Melle.

  142. Dear Adi & friends,

    there comes a time for action instead of mere words and sentimental dreams, a time to be part of the answer to our own prayers and hopes. To be part of the change we wish to see in the world. You crossed that line and took that action. Well done my brother. If more followers of Jesus would do this – follow his words instead of merely admiring them, the world would be a different place ey? May we all imitate your courage and committment. Bless you guys to the max. People all over the globe supporting and praying for you. Keep your eyes on Jesus, the greatest revolutionary ever born. Much love, Kristin and Susan Jack, Servants, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

  143. Dear Adi, friends and whanau

    Sending you much love and hope. Thank you for your work and your vision.

    Love Joe

  144. Peter, Adi and Sam

    We are thinking and praying for you. Great symbolic act against the Military-Industrial Complex and the War on Terror. Good actions by yhou all.


    David Tolich

  145. “Me tatau pounamu, kia kore ai e pakaru, ake, ake.”

    Adi, Peter, and Sam, tenei ra te mihi ki a koutou kua mau ake ki te rakau o Rongo, te rakau o te aroha, kia takoto kau ko te rakau o Tu. Kia kaha tonu i nga mahi, whai atu ra i te ara kua takahia e Tohu, e Whiti, hei oranga mo nga iwi katoa.



    PS Adi, so proud of you! Love to Shelly and all the kids. God be with you all.

  146. That’s great how we have people standing up against lies and secrecy. We even have the SAS serving in Afghanistan!

    Don’t be afraid to speak out – the American Empire will fall, so long as we stick together and keep at it. The war on terror is a HUGE FRAUD, and I’d like to recommend the following for people who want to know more:

    1. Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11 (Book)
    2. The New Pearl Harbour (Book)
    3. 911 Contradictions (Book)
    4. TerrorStorm (Documentary)
    5. Loose Change (Documentary)

    Also check out http://infowars.com/

    And remember, you CAN’T give up your liberties for freedom.

  147. Thank you for giving me back some hope. I have been marching in demonstrations since 1972 & am now a disabled pensioner. Thank you for picking up the torch I can no longer carry except in my heart.

  148. Love and solidarity from Melbourne, Australia, to Peter, Adi and Sam as you all go through the machinations of empire…may you be immersed in the alternative story of the gospel, and know the Spirit’s presence with you, and the love and prayers of so many around the world who stand beside you every step of the way.

    Thankyou for your ongoing courage.

  149. Something similar needs to be done in Australia, however one needs to be clear that the bases are used for aggression (this is not clear in Australia where the gov. insists places like Pine Gap are defence only, managed by Australians [but what of the widespread understanding that they were used during the Iraq war? where did that info originate?]). As I see it the actual act by the protesters was not aggressive, but accomplished in a spirit of protest and peace, simply gaining entry and attempting to disable something seen as evil, disabling something supporting agression and violence. Thus I commend the protesters and hope the action will lead to a dismantling of all such bases.

  150. i admire your guys work, keep it up ;)

  151. May your courage continue to sustain you through the days ahead.
    Kia ora, kia kaha, kia manawanui
    Marlene Ware

  152. Great to hear that people turned up to support you today at the depositions hearing in Blenheim. Our thoughts and prayers were with you all.
    Fantastic that you are taking opportunities to talk about the issues behind your protest action in April and raise the public awareness of NZ’s role in international militarism.
    Ka nui te aroha ki a koutou

  153. Hey guys

    hope your after deposition period is going well, and your farms,veges and morning times are sweet.
    I made a sweet book shelf at ngati awa with 3 significant events stencilled on the side of it, they came out great. 1) Parhaka 2) Ruatoki and 3) Waihopai or as some say it Waihopee or waihopa.:)
    Look forwrad too seeing you all again sometime along journeys way.


  154. I hope that Adrian Leason is at least consistent with his protests against Israel. Since over 3,000 people have died in Zimbabwe from cholera due to Mugabe’s despicable handling of his country I now expect Adrian to protest against Zimbabwe. To date 100,000’s people have died in Darfur due to the genocidal actions of the Sudanese government, so I now expect Adrian to protest against Sudan too.
    If you are going to take this stand Adrian then at least be consistent and not prejudiced in your actions.

  155. Brothers

    What is the real point?

    Another million or so reparation dollars of treasury/tax payer’s money which might have been otherwise spent on hospital equipment or plunket.

    Would NZ be less of a strategic target without the installation? Many would say not.

    The installation is a blatent symbol of perceived intrusion. Few doubt that.

    Would anybody consider what would replace it were it to be de-commissioned, or were it to become permanently disabled?

    Perhaps it would be replaced with an installation which is not so well recognised and nt so overt. A mechanism or installation without a GCSB director or associated Minister to have to publicly state matters concerning its functions or budget. Perhaps some might consider an installation which may not be included in any periodical press statements or annual reports. Who knows?

    Perhaps it is best for New Zealand overall for our trade representatives, strategic and policy analysts to keep their noses out of foreign matters so that we can close ourselves off from the rest of the world permanently. Maybe not. Who knows what the wise and prudent choice might be?

    Threats against presumably intrusive national infrastructure usually brings with it an intrusive response from those associated with protecting it.

    I congratulate you on the courage of your convictions, but to what ultimate end?

    God Bless You.

  156. Reply to Michael J Dougherty from Peter Murnane:

    G’day Michael.

    Of course we have to question – before and after – an act that destroys public property, as ours did.
    Re cost: the destruction of what is claimed to be a $1 million radome just might be the means of questioning and stopping the continuous cost of $20 million per year ($500 million to date) that New Zealand tax payers have spent on the spy base. How else can we get the nation – which is the people – to learn about the basic facts so that they can ASK the questions?

    Having read much on the NSA in recent months, I am forced to question the MASSIVE spending of billions per annum by that agency. What “successes” has it had? It failed miserably, e.g., to predict 9/11 or a string of other events.

    Before our action (which got huge national publicity here) more than half the country had never heard of the Waihopai spy base.

    And interestingly, they have not replaced the “million dollar” dome. It was not needed as a “weather cover”, but merely to conceal from onlookers which satellite it was spying on. Having said that, it could well be that a new cover is on order at the tailors, and they are waiting for it to be delivered.

    Thanks for your comment/question.

    Peter Murnane

    PS. Other members of the group may have other comments – but they don’t have email or internet so it may be a while before they can respond!

  157. I guess destroying intellence equipment which help protect our world from total Islamic domination is a good thing if you’re into that! With intellence comes peace, think about it.

    • Reply to Jonathon’s comments:
      I guess destroying intellence equipment which help protect our world from
      total Islamic domination is a good thing if you’re into that! With
      intellence comes peace, think about it.

      Thanks for being interested in these issues Jonathon.

      If you do think about it, and read a little history, “Christian” Europe has pretty completely and brutally dominated both North and South America (from 1492 AD), India and Africa; made colonies all through Asia; even in 1991 and 2003 invaded Iraq (based on what turned out to be incorrect ‘intelligence’ that Iraq has Weapons of Mass Destruction), and now menaces Iran, etc etc. No need to recall the Crusades against the Holy Land!

      When was the last invasion of the West by an Islamic country? If I were a Muslim, I would have good reason to be very afraid.

      As for “intelligence”, did the massive NSA – to which all info from Waihopai is sent for sorting – predict the destruction of the World Trade Centre, or the bombings in Madrid, Bali or London? Or even the coups in Fiji, Rainbow Warrior bombing, etc. Not a high success rate.

      A thoughtful person might conclude that we will make better progress towards world peace if we stop terrorising those we call “evil” and try to relate to them as human beings.

      Thanks again for your comments.


  158. Thanks for showing us all that another way is possible. Bonhoeffer would be proud. I sure am. Keep us informed of future actions


  159. Hello there.

    I wish to pass on a big thank you for your actions at Waihopi.

    I recall the words of Peter Maurin;

    “They say I am crazy
    Because I refuse to be crazy
    The way everyone else is crazy”

    You may not have made much mainstream media, but so many people around the world hear the stories. Keep the faith.

    • Thanks for quoting Peter Maurin… Impressed that you know him that well.

      Media coverage: we were quite pleased with the first weeks, when we recorded about 50 A4 pages of newsprint from various New Zealand papers alone, plus lots of tv and radio. Watch this space around March 8th, when the jury trial starts in Wellington District Court.
      Peter Murnane – for Adie and Sam

  160. May God bless you, you are an inspiration to all those who long for peace. Tomorrow the trial starts and the New Zealand Justice system also goes on trial. You are supported by the prayers of many around New Zealand.

  161. Every good wish for a satisfactory outcome to the trial and many thanks for taking the action that so many of us wish we were in a position to join with you.
    The publicity is bringing the use of Waihopai to the attention of the general public and arousing their concerns that this facility is situated on NZ soil.
    Our thoughts and prayers will be with you during the coming days.
    Patricia Waugh.

  162. Peter, Sam, Adi. Thankyou for your courage. With you in prayer in the days ahead. Kia kaha.
    Jacqui rsm

  163. We wholeheartedly support you in your courageous stand for peace. We pray for a positive outcome of the trial and for your personal wellbeing in this stressful time.

  164. Very best wishes for your wellbeing as you bear witness today.

  165. Kia ora Adi, Peter, Sam and team.

    Have been following the trial this week with interest and pride. I’m particualy enjoying reading the coverage of your testimonies. Such strong witnesses of faith and truth – intelligent, humourous, joyful and solemn. Would love to have been present at more of the vigils etc than I’ve been able to be. There with you all in prayer, spirit and love. Peace and blessings. Matt C

  166. Kia ora Adie, Sam, Peter:
    What a week of witness and inspiration. I loved it when the judge said to Sam “You are certainly an articulate young man”, because he obviously realised that everyone in the court was having a great education process in justice and non-violence! Peter and Adie have spoken brilliantly too.
    Even though I haven’t been around as much as I would have liked this week, it has been a privilege to share with the unique community of sisters and brothers in Christ who have gathered in support, and it is my prayer than you three will continue to know all the strength you need, through the love and prayer that will be around in the days ahead. May the God of justice and hope hold you – and all those who were in your hearts when you did this action – safely in the hollow of Her hand forever,

  167. Hey Sam,
    I believe in what you are doing. Your message is clear and enlivening to my spirit.Thank you all for your actions. been praying for you.
    adele goldie
    Mt Nebo Australia

  168. A poem-prayer from a Pagan for three Christian brothers

    There is a reason we are lost:
    We despair so that we may hope; having overcome presumption.
    We suffer that we might rejoice; having relinquished our illusions.
    We ask our problems to lead us towards You,
    Towards willing work towards a world
    Where it is easier to be good.
    Surrendering to holy darkness
    We come to depend upon this Goodness,
    That we know of only dimly.
    Placing ourselves in Your hands,
    We are woven through the web of life.
    We are empty. We are filled.

    Bless`ed be.

  169. I’m so pleased you have been acquitted. May Our Lord Jesus Christ keep you and bless you as you actively live the Gospel.

    God bless & ave Maria,


  170. I’m not that surprised at the trial outcome, because the holocaust in Iraq was horrific, and obviously fighting it is nothing in comparison to mass murder and territorial expansion. At the moment, I don’t think that the world is doing enough to avoid a war with Iran.

    Some people call me “biased” and “anti-American”, but I’m actually pro-America! The war on terror is wasting all of their money, thereby reducing them to third-world status – I’m just trying to help! America was a great idea for a country, but now it has been hijacked by parasites: the military-industrial-complex, the CIA, and of course, the Wall Street establishment.

    We need to help our American friends by ending the war and restoring their once free republic. Modern day America now resembles Hitler’s Germany, which is unacceptable. Obama and the whole Bush administration should be trialled and thrown in prison.

    If anyone wants to help then send me an email: jeff@nz911truth.org

  171. I can’t stop smiling. “The kingdom of God is … justice, peace and joy in the Holy spirit. ” Adi, Sam and Peter have demonstrated God’s rule , by actively contradicting the powers of injustice, war and despair.And as a result all of us have had a glimpse of God’s kingdom. Thanks guys. Thanks be to God.

  172. Kia Ora Fr Peter, Sam and Adrian,

    I’m thrilled the wonderful jury and judge have acquitted you all on all charges!!! The power of prayer and God’s love has been revealed in a small part of the world.

    You have given marvellous testimony to the need for peace and the action required to bring it about. Let’s hope the war machine’s spy base is shut down as soon as possible.

  173. Good on ya. Stand up on behalf of all the uneducated sheep out there. Theres a LOT.

  174. Made my day here in London where we could do with people like you to chip away at our appalling involvment in the carnage in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    Non violent direct action badly needed at British Foreign Office. So good to hear of people like you addressing what’s going on thier own back yard. Wish you all well.

  175. This is a very interesting topic which our Society has been watching very carefully. We believe you men are most definitely on the right path, and the use of a Claim of Right most interesting indeed. If you are unaware of us, then by all means please visit the site, we have the beginnings of a New Zealand Chapter and are denying consent to be governed on mass, globally.
    The document we use to do this is a Claim of Right, and even more interesting the Government here in NZ wants to get rid of the Claim of Right and Lawful Excuse from the Crimes Act 1961.
    We are one step away from being New Zimbabwe folks.
    Peace and Namaste.

  176. You three are, I am afraid, deluded. Waihopai has nothing to do with American war crimes or imperialism. It cannot in any way be linked with George W Bush’s tyranny, nor that of his successor-in-crime Obama.

    If you were Christians you could not justify violence and vandalism you have committed.

    If you were Christians you would not lie, and claim that you have no assets.

    I could go on, but it serves no useful purpose. I do however have one suggestion – get real jobs.

    • Greetings, John
      Thanks for your comments.
      You are right, we are Christians.
      But doesn’t Jesus clearly say that we should love all people, forgiving enemies and doing to others what we would like them to do to us?
      We are therefore strongly opposed to torture, weapons of mass destruction, the violent invasions of other people’s homeland.
      The war in Iraq involves all of the above. (Please do some research on depleted uranium weapons – try the CADU website. These have polluted Iraq forever, causing increases in deformed babies and cancers even in US and UK veterans)

      What has this to do with the Waihopai base?
      It is part of the USA-led system (called Platform, using Echelon software) that collects – illegally – massive amounts of communications: telephone conversations; emails etc from everyone. It all goes to the National Security Agency (NSA) in Fort Meade, Maryland. Since this is the main collecting system available to USA, by deduction, it is responsible for helping the invasion of Iraq.

      In out trial we provided evidence that the system, including the NZ base, spied on UN nations who were about to vote for or against the invasion.that George Bush so much wanted. (Google the whistle-blower Katharine Gun)
      Where else does USA get its information to capture the approx 1000 people whom it has sent (they call it “extraordinary rendition”) to be horribly tortured in “black sites” in Syria, Egypt, Lithuania, Poland etc.? I know a personal friend of Canadian citizen Maher Arar, who was kidnapped in 2002 by US agents while passing through JFK airport in New York, and spent 10 months being tortured in Syria. The Canadian government eventually paid him $10 million compensation, but who can “repair” that kind of damage?

      The US spy base is not just “someone else’s property”… it is a part of the USA war machine. What kind of partners are we allowing to run it in our midst?
      To give only one example: In the year it was built, 1989, the USA was sponsoring and helping the Guatemalan government to torture tens of thousands of its own citizens, so that they could not speak or act against their cruel exploitation by US companies. (Try Wikipedia etc for The United Fruit Company [or US Fruit Company] I met one of those who were tortured; a Catholic sister whose only “crime” was to teach indigenous children their own language and culture. This might have helped them to discover their own dignity and to stand up for themselves. Such Christian “subversion” could not be tolerated. (Google: Sister Dianna Ortiz)

      If you saw children trapped in a burning house, would you not break in to save them? Would you then be guilty of burglary?
      In the same way, we cut through fences and deflated a dome concealing the instrument that helps all these processes.
      The eleven good New Zealanders on the jury decided that we were not guilty. They saw that we were trying to help New Zealanders wake up to how they are – unknowingly – assisting in crimes against humanity, because they are paying for this base in their back yard. Already – over 20 years – $500 million of NZ taxpayers’ money has been used to build and run this base, and it now costs us more than $40 million each year.

      The governmental terrorism that it helps to happen, is having an enormous impact on the future of our worldwide human family.

      I would value any further discussion of this matter.
      Peace Peter

      • There IS such a thing as right and wrong. Kudos to Peter, Sam Land and Adrian for having the courage to act. Maybe their actions will let a little light into the minds of those crazed by baseless fears

  177. What a dim witted and misled bunch you are. I heard one of you, not sure which one, say on the radio today that ‘our government can’t be trusted and needs to be watched’. Yeah right; a freely elected democratic government in a liberal country needs to be watched, but spying on other countries in your limited and blinkered view, is wrong. Wow, what are you guys smoking? Your efforts have deprived New Zealanders of $1M that could have gone into schools or hospitals. And you are so smugly proud of yourselves…..

  178. My letter to the chch press, sent on the 7th (today).


    Paying for the new dome at the Waihopai base is a simple matter. Let’s
    force the yanks to fix their own base. The yanks never do anything good
    for us, and we ought to stop providing concessions in exchange for
    nothing. There’s little they can do if we tell them to shove it, so
    let’s stop bowing down to non-existent pressure.


    If someone claims I’m “anti-American”, then I’ll ask them how many American soldiers I have sent to their deaths, compared to Obama. Obamalini’s hard-line regime has sent thousands of US service men and women to die, but I haven’t forced a single one into Afghanistan’s meat grinder. I guess the anti-American brigade is that entity in the White House.

    By the way, why are we still in Afghanistan? Hamid Karzai is a mentally unstable election fraudster, and as of today, he has begun negotiations with terrorists. I thought that the “free world” didn’t negotiate with terrorists?

    Bottom line:

    Let’s take the blame away from activists and dump it on the real saboteurs – the ones who destroyed Iraq, along with its irreplaceable relics.

  179. thank you for what you did guys and thank you to Sam and Whanau for helping me when I needed it you have taught me so much and helped define for me the True love of God through his people, God bless you brothers love Eden ” the fisherman”

  180. Hi Guys, way back when you slashed the dome, I asked Jesus what he had to say about the matter – the answer took me quite by surprise then but not so now. It was, “They are innocent in My eyes and they shall go free, and what is more I will destroy Waihopi to show the world what i think of eavesdropping.” I later learned that Waihopi means darkened waters and that Wairau means twisted waters and that there is an expectation of an M8.4 at the junction of the two rivers, where there is a fault anomaly. I also heard that God was going to divide those who sought to divide this nation for spoil and that the mouth of Leviathan (Wellington) would be stopped as “it uttered great swelling blasphemies”.

    When I saw the Kaumatua give the prophecy at Waitangi it reminded me of being shown a vision of the top of the Beehive lying in the streets of Wellington while attending a Belgian Trade Legation during 2001, and of my son’s 2003 vision of Wellington utterly destroyed which was so compelling he went and packed up and came back to CHCH, where he would receive a vision in 2010 of the Feb 22 quake, which would prove to be utterly accurate.

    But remember too that it is only flesh that suffers, Spirit is immutable, eternal and indestructible, This is what TPTB always forget, and also that they will have to stand to account, not for the evil they did, but the good that they did not do. But even the goats get purified in the fires of Gehenna. God’s judgment is His mercy, and the recompense is His, for He shall repay – even for John Key – as much as some would like for him and his ilk to got to hell…but hell only exists in the minds of the vengeful and it is the very fire that will consume their nasty flesh nature…such exquisite irony.

  181. As to right and wrong, that is like good and evil, right? Which is the ‘fruit’ the tree of knowledge and is ‘plastic’ and relative – right and wrong is debatable, contestable, disputable – however pride and humility are much more definite and definable, even self evident, and Man’s pride is the problem and humility under the hand of God is the answer – for only the fruit of the Spirit crucifies the works of the flesh, and what is sown in the flesh is reaped in the flesh. If you do not humble yourself, you will be humbled – fall on the Rock or the Rock falls on you – it is the Law – it is God’s Law of Love, not man’s (Mosaic) law of hate which was added for transgressions until the Promise should come. These three men were and are utterly innocent under the Law of Love, which is the foundational and cardinal law of the Universe and of the conscience – if you know God, you know that this is so.

  182. I truly admire what you did, and am appalled at the judgement now passed down which is obviously designed to intimidate those who through their own convictions, challenge the power and authority of those in control. This judgement is not right, and I believe that it will be proven so in time. The very best wishes and courage to you all.

  183. I truly admire what you did, and am appalled at the judgement now passed down which is obviously designed to intimidate those who through their own convictions, challenge the power and authority of those in control. This judgement is not right, and I believe that it will be proven so in time. The very best wishes and courage to you all.

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