Appeal to help complete the film of the action

June 4, 2015

A teacher, farmer and priest break into the Waihopai spy base deflating a giant radome in an act of disarmament, against New Zealand’s role in the US-led War on Terror. A millionaire internet mogul and alleged copyright pirate fights extradition to the US only to discover he was illegally spied on by the same shadowy agency that runs the base, on behalf of the American FBI. With the rise of the surveillance state in the digital age, new battle lines are drawn in new territories, and the enemy is sought out closer to home.

Features interviews with Nicky Hager, Paul Buchanan, Murray Horton, the Waihopai 3 and others.

Filmmakers: Independent documentary-makers Errol Wright and Abi King-Jones have produced three feature-length films together. More info: http://www.cutcutcut.com.

Project Status: Filming began in 2008, around the Waihopai Ploughshares action, and has continued since as local and international events reveal more to the story of the Five Eyes alliance. Editing began mid-2014 and will hopefully be completed in time for a release later this year.

Goal: We are aiming for $20,000 to help us finish the film. The funds will enable us to work full-time on the edit and cover key post-production costs, such as score composition and archive transfers.


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